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Autistic people, speaking

Jan 19

Questions, answered

We’ve been getting a lot of questions since we announced that we met our initial goal. We thought we’d talk the time to answer some of them here. As a reminder, we do already have an FAQ, a page discussing our new fundraising goals, and a page for our submissions guidelines

Q: Are we done?

A: Nope! We’re barely getting started! Our fundraising on indiegogo is still carrying on through March 15th as scheduled.

Q: So I can still donate, and tell my friends about you?

A: Yes please! 

Q: If you met your goal, why are you still fundraising?

A: The short answer is “because we’re fundraising through indiegogo, and that’s how they work.” The longer answer is “because The Loud Hands Project has always been about more than a single book, and we’d like to use this opportunity to put down roots and raise funds for some additional publications.”

Q: What are your plans for any additional funds you might raise?

A: Awesome things. Depending on how much more we raise, we might be able to do:

  • A film about eugenics and autism prevention, featuring the voices of Autistic people from across the US.
  • Materials tailored to newly-diagnosed or newly-disclosed-to autistic people of varying ages and abilities, explaining the diagnosis and self-advocacy and welcoming them into their community.
  • A DVD examining the history and foundations of the Autistic community.
  • A scholarship fund to help send Autistic self-advocates to conferences on autism, disability rights, and autistic/disability culture-related conferences.
  • More productions documenting Autistic community and culture.

Q: Why is it important to keep soliciting donations? 

A: The Loud Hands Project can’t exist if we don’t have the resources to fund our various components. The more quickly we are able to fund various projects, the more established The Loud Hands Project can be. Being more established will allow us to produce more content and gain more legitimacy, which then becomes a self-reinforcing cycle. This in turn will lead to concepts such as Autistic Community and Autistic Culture becoming better-known, more widely respected as legitimate things, and more autistic people having a louder voice—or not having to scream quite so loudly to be heard.

Q: You met your goal! Is the anthology a go then?

A: YES! We are so excited about this. When we knew that we were going to meet our goal we put out a set of preliminary submissions guidelines for the anthology, and thecall for submissions is in effect now that we know we’ll be able to publish. 

Q: Are you still taking submissions for the anthology?

A: Yes! We haven’t set a deadline for submissions yet—we’ll let you know when we have a concrete time-table. Right now we’re still weighing out the various factors involved, and taking submissions as they come. We’d love to have your contribution!

Q: Are you taking visual, video, or poetry submissions?

A: This anthology was conceived of as an anthology of challenging, thought-provoking essays that would provide the project with our philosophical foundation. There will be a need for some artwork for the anthology, but it is not the focus. There will be a specific call for those submissions released with more information at a later date. There will be other ways to share visual, video, and poetry submissions in other projects and on the greater project website in the future. The Loud Hands Project is committed to honoring and sharing the many diverse ways in which autistic people speak, and is examining what forms of publication may be best suited to other forms of speech, and how to structure and encourage such content.

Q: I have something I’d like to submit for the anthology, but it’s shorter than the proposed word limit. Is that okay?

A: Yes! Please send it!

Q: Who do I contact with my submission? 

A: At this point, you can email Julia at We’ll let you know if that changes.

Jan 16

We did it!

After 19 days, The Loud Hands project not only met but surpassed out initial goal of $10,000! 

Indiegogo is still encouraging us to fundraise for the remainder of our original campaign—until March 15th. We’re not stopping now that we’ve built up some momentum! The blog tour is going strong, with Amanda and Savannah contributing some lovely posts.  You can see our goals and plans for additional funds here.

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone for their overwhelming support for the project. It speaks to the real need for Loud Hands and Autistic culture and community, and the potential this project has to change things—a potential everyone who donated or helped spread the word or laid the groundwork for this project to even be conceived of has helped realize—is terrifying and explosive. I can’t possibly take it lightly, or even begin to comprehend what this means.

Thank you, everyone, for your support. Stay tuned—we’re here to stay.

Jan 14

We’re over 90% of the way there!

The Loud Hands project has passed the $9000 mark! We have less than $1000 left to raise before we meet our original goal. Our goal is to make that before our first three weeks are up.


Now is the time to remind your friends, families, acquaintances, arch-rivals, and bitter enemies about The Loud Hands Project and make a donation! Spread the word! Let’s do this!

Jan 10

Week Two Report

It’s time for our weekly check-in! Here’s what we got up to in our second week:

  • We raised another thousand dollars! 
  • We passed 100 discrete donors!
  • As of this writing, we’ve raised $7443 and received 117 donations. Wow!

We’ve also had an active web presence this week.

  • We were indiegogo’s featured project on their twitter account on Sunday and in their newsletter on Wednesday. Thanks indiegogo!
  • We have a post up today on the TASH blog!
  • We now have 82 followers on twitter, 221 on Facebooks, and 36 on tumblr.
  • Our blogaround started. You can see Monday’s post over at Shift Journal, and the blogaround will last through January. We’ll be linking to the posts here as they apear. Let us know if you’d like to participate!
  • Speaking of blogging, we have blog badges! Take one!

We’ve also started to talk a bit more about the project as a whole. 

  • We’ve updated our project description on indiegogo. Check it out, and tell us what you think.
  • We’ve also updated our FAQ section. Helpful?

Oh, and we published our preliminary submissions guidelines for the anthology. Those might interest some of you.

Overall, it’s been a wildly successful week! Stay tuned to see what we have in store for this week—we’ve still got a lot to do. Fundraising isn’t over until March 15th—we’ve got some serious campaigning to do.

Jan 8

Quick and easy signal-boost

We are indiegogo’s featured campaign of the day on twitter! Please tweet @loud_hands and @indiegogo using the hashtag #loudhandsproject and tell them why the project matters to you! We’re in need of a signal-boost, and this could provide that. 

We have blog badges!

The Loud Hands Project now has blog badges available! They come in a small and an expanded size. 

Blog Badge- Small. A large white person is holding a sign up that says "The Loud Hands Project". Below this image, text reads "The Loud Hands Project" and "Autistic People, Speaking".

170x193 pixels

Blog Badge- large. A large white person is holding a sign up that says "The Loud Hands Project". Below this image, text reads "The Loud Hands Project" and "Autistic People, Speaking". Below that it reads "Watch the Video. Read About the Project. Support the Work. Visit indiegogo for more about The Loud Hands Project."

170x300 pixels 

Not sure how to make a blog badge? 

A blog badge is an image that is linked to a site. It doesn’t have to go in your blog’s side bar or anything like that. Some people put them in their forum signatures as well.  It is a good idea to upload images for blog badges to your own website so that you don’t over use other people’s bandwidth. For example, the graphic designer is using her own wordpress media library to host hers, and that is what is in the sample code below.  Some sites like wordpress have different tools to make it easier for you.

If you are putting them on a forum, they might use a slightly different coding system. But the basic code is as follows:  <a href=”“><img src=”“></a> This will come out looking like the larger blog badge above.

If you want it to have an image description, the code will look like this:  <a href=”“><img src=”” alt=”Blog Badge- Large. A large white person is holding a sign up that says ‘The Loud Hands Project’. Below this image, text reads ‘The Loud Hands Project’ and ‘Autistic People, Speaking.’ Below that it reads ‘Watch the Video. Read About the Project. Support the Work. Visit indiegogo for more about The Loud Hands Project.’”></a> 

Here are two examples of image descriptions for these blog badges. You could also choose to write your own. Image descriptions are important, because they let users using screen readers to be full participants online. 

Blog Badge- Small. A large white person is holding a sign up that says “The Loud Hands Project”. Below this image, text reads “The Loud Hands Project” and “Autistic People, Speaking”.

Blog Badge- large. A large white person is holding a sign up that says “The Loud Hands Project”. Below this image, text reads “The Loud Hands Project” and “Autistic People, Speaking”. Below that it reads “Watch the Video. Read About the Project. Support the Work. Visit indiegogo for more about The Loud Hands Project.”

Please share widely!

(With thanks to Savannah, who designed the badges and helped script this explanation!)

Jan 3

Possible written submission for the the Loud Hands Project

Possible written submission for the the Loud Hands Project

Dear Julia

I am a person on the Autistic Spectrum from the UK who would be very interested in writing an essay for the Loud Hands Project. I know this is possibly too early in the day to be asking but please can you tell me what would be the possible criteria for essays submitted to the project would be or when it would be announced?

Thank you very much for your time and I wish you the best of luck in getting funding for what is a much needed and worthwhile enterprise

From Leo Capella

Hi Leo!

I’m so glad you contacted me, because I completely forgot to mention in our weekly update that we are currently developing the submissions guidelines/call for submissions for the anthology. It should be within a week, two at the very latest, and will be HEAVILY publicized. Keep an eye out!

Week One Report

It’s time for our weekly check-in! Here’s a brief summary of what we did in just our very first week:

In terms of fundraising:

  • We raised over $3000 in our first 24 hours.
  • We surpassed our halfway mark of $5000 after four days.
  • We were a featured project on the indiegogo homepage.
  • In our first 7 days, we made over $6000—$6223 at this writing.
  • We have now received 88 discrete donations, or votes of confidence.

In other news, we:

  • Prepared some basic scripts those of us who need them can use to tell people about the project.
  • Started a FAQ section.
  • Created this tumblr, as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Gained 170 supporters on Facebook and 66 on Twitter.
  • Our youtube video has been viewed 1951 times.

Moving forward this week, we plan to:

  • Share more about our vision for this project and its scope.
  • Start a twitter campaign—follow us there and get ready to work some hashtags.
  • Give some interviews (and link to them here, obviously.)
  • See if we can make $10,000 dollars.
  • Put up some flyers for you all to print out and share around.
  • Stim in public.

Join us!

Dec 29

Halfway there!

(Woooooah, livin’ on a prayer……) (etc.)

In the past four days, the following things have happened:

-The Loud Hands Project has launched.
-55 people have sent us a vote of confidence by funding us.
-We’ve reached our halfway goal of $5000.
-We’ve become a featured campaign on the indiegogo home page.

This project is advancing beyond our wildest dreams. We are humbled and in awe of the enthusiastic support we’ve received. PLEASE keep sharing the project around so we can stay a featured campaign on indiegogo and keep generating awareness and momentum. As a reminder, we have a facebook page as well as a twitter account (right now we’re asking people to tweet us reasons why the project matters to them under the hashtag #loudhandsproject.) “Like” us, follow us, and keep spreading the word and sharing the link to this campaign around. We have scripts for that!


Julia Bascom, project organizer