The Loud Hands Project

Autistic people, speaking

Sep 19

Anthology Table of Contents!


Historical Foundations
Don’t Mourn For Us
Autism Network International: The Development Of A Community And Its Culture
Critic Of The Dawn
The Future (And The Past) Of Autism Advocacy, Or Why The ASA’s Magazine, The Advocate, Wouldn’t Publish This Piece
Retrospective At The National Press Club (transcript)
The Beginnings of Autistic Speaking Day

Current Realities
Loud Hands & Loud Voices
Dear Younger Self
Loud Hands
Perfectly Autistic, Perfectly Me
Becoming Autistic, Becoming Disabled
Non-Speaking, “Low Functioning”
And Straight On Till Morning
The Incapable Man
Just Me

What They Do To Us
Quiet Hands
They Hate You, Yes, You
I Hid
Speech, Without A Title
This Is Why
Inhumane Beyond All Reason

Why I Dislike “Person First” Language
Throw Away The Master’s Tools: Liberating Ourselves From The Pathology Paradigm
Killing Words
Disability Catch-22s
Like A Person
Why No One Counts
Passing As Ethics
I’m Spasticus Autisticus
Connecting Dots
Metaphor Stole My Autism
Why Autism Speaks Hurts Us
How Indistinguishability Got Its Groove Back

Plural Of Medium
Metaphors Are Important
An Ethnography Of Robotics
Socializing Through Silence
Are You Listening?
Advocacy: Everyone Can Do It
Pedagogy Of The Confused
The Meaning Of Self Advocacy
Autism, Speech, And Assistive Technology
Run Forest Run: About Movement And Love
On Being Articulate
Loud Hands: I Speak Up With My Fingers
Accepting MY Normal

Moving Forward
Autism Awareness Is Not Enough: Here’s How To Change The World
To My Beloved Autistic Community On Autism Acceptance Day 2012
What I Want To Say To Fellow Autistics
Moving Forward: What’s Next For The Loud Hands Project

On World Autism Awareness Day

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